June 6-9th 2013
St. George, Utah



Dear Entrepreneurial and Professional Woman -

Are you stuck?
Are you really good, or even great at what you do but wonder – is this it?
Is this as good as it gets? And sometimes do you wonder if you're only as good as your last 20 minutes?

So ask yourself this –

  • Who are the most powerful people you know?
  • Who, outside your family do you call when you need guidance or support?
  • And...ladies...how many of them are women?

I'm going to guess that it's not 5, 10 or even 20?
Where will you find those FIVE great women who will support you and cheer you on? Well, that's the magic number of women at a minimum I'm pulling together to create the most amazing inner circle of powerful, get it done, women you'll ever meet. We're launching as a 3-day, application only, retreat in June.

I've been where you are.

Succeeding in my corporate job, running a business of more than 100 million dollars but never feeling completely happy. Waiting for the other shoe to drop. Thinking is this all there is for me. And why am I not getting more achievement, success and acknowledgment even though I was already doing well by others standards. I had the job most people envied.

I had to break my own glass ceiling!

What was I missing?

  • Recognizing my own true value
  • Skills to communicate that value and mean it
  • Finding the courage to step out and create a new vision for my life.
  • And having the relationships to really get the opportunities I wanted beyond the walls I built myself.

I've lead businesses for major entities like Ralph Lauren and Macys/Federated. Including others worth close to a half-billion dollars. I walked away from it all and within a few years started my own business, became an Amazon best-selling author in the male dominated business leadership category. I now write a monthly column for Forbes magazine and co-host a national radio show and at 45 met the love of my life. Not to mention I run a business that I truly am passionate about.

It's never too late to achieve your deepest most treasured and guarded dreams!

  • It's possible!
  • Are you ready to break your own glass ceiling?
  • Do you want to be a more influential communicator?
  • And to be recognized as a leader in your niche?

If your answer is YES!
Then join me in St. George, Utah for this powerful gathering of women.
Find your FIVE most successful, influential other women who will be your cheerleaders, guides and learn how to build relationships that will expand the possibilities for your business success exponentially!


REGISTER NOW – your acceptance will be pending the interview process which I will personally be conducting.


Here's what the past retreat outdoor adventures looked like. *No one is obligated to hike or do any physical activity. It's purely at your sole discretion.


Cost $3500
Early Bird Costing $2999
ends May 15th
Space is limited so register NOW

By joining us for the Value to Vision Retreat you will surround yourself with the latest information, tools and most importantly, people who can help you:

    • Find the focus and vision for your career or business
    • Identify what's holding you back from going for it
    • Realign your relationship, communication and engagement methods
    • Find your value, values and path to success
    • Remove the feelings of being a fraud forever
    • Connect with the RIGHT people and communities to support you in your next steps

We promise, you won't be "roughing it" at all. You'll be staying in a luxurious resort in your own private room. Your room fees, meals and activities are all included in the fee. PLUS there's a full service spa for you to indulge in at the end of the day!




What People Are Saying...

Relevant, Personal and Dynamic...
I cannot thank Maria enough for helping each of us find the value in ourselves, in the businesses we have and showing that it's about collaborating, innovating and being excited about what we're doing. If you want to connect w/ an amazing woman and be part of a dynamic group this program is the best place. It is amazing what I have to bring forward. I am so excited! Thank you Maria! ~ Meg Rogers, PGA Golf Club - Membership & Corporate Sales


A High-level Program for Powerful Women...
It has been an amazing experience of looking at not only how to innovate our businesses and add value to our services. But who we are in the world; who we take a stand to be. I'm so blessed to be in this group. If you are missing an opportunity to be in a high level program with other fabulous people don't hesitate. This is it! - Judy Winslow, Chief Excitement Officer, BrightPointe Creative www.unforgetablebrands.com


Next to Oprah...
Maria has been a great role model, whom has helped shape my business ideology and how to achieve my goals. She is an inspiration and an extremely successful businesswoman I have had the privilege of knowing and working with. ~ Ann Lauren, Editor-in-Chief, Bella Petite Magazine www.bellapetite.com


Getting to the Heart of the Matter & Achieving Results
Maria has a really amazing way of just cutting through all the crap, including your own crap, to tell you exactly what you need to hear. I have walked away with a real understanding where this new idea fits in with a lot more purpose and clarity. Maria has a phenomenal talent for bringing together a group of amazing women. It's blown my mind! ~ Elizabeth Genco Purvis


Cutting Through the Noise...
"Maria is a results oriented person whose keen insight into human behavior cuts through the "noise", identifies the obstacles and sets the course to resolution. Maria has proven herself to be a true diamond. ~ Rick Shorter, Vice President Phillips Van Heusen


A New Voice for the 21st Century...
It's been a true gift to have Maria's help, guidance and mentoring. And it is especially delightful to watch as Maria helps other women re-position themselves to achieve all that is within their divine right. When everything appears chaotic in your business, Maria is always the voice of reason...and what a voice! During a time when women not only wish to be heard but are desperately searching for a way to re-write the rules of their "game," there is no one better than Maria to lead the charge for empowered, compassionate and collaborative leadership. The times, they are a changing and Maria is beautifully poised as the new voice for the 21st century." ~Liz Pabon, www.LizPabon.com